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Doc Watson - Acousticart

"I like pretty little songs - simply done, down-to-earth, with something to say."
Doc Watson

"And so do we."

CD Jewel Case Wrapping Service

This service has been specifically designed for

the small independent recording company
   and every musician who makes their own recording.

If you have ever ordered a run of your home recorded music,

only to be told that unless you order 500 copies

you won't be able to have them professionaly overwrapped, then...

This service is definitely for you !

Acousticart will be glad to wrap, to the highest quality, any numbers of your CDs.
From 1 to 499. Yes, folks, any number at all.

Wrapped using 32 Micron Film Polypropylene - no shrink-wrapping here

All you have to do is send us those CDs in their jewel cases & we will wrap & return them to you.

We are grateful to Scottish Folk Music's Strathan Media Productions Ltd

for the following recommendation:

"For whatever reason every record label ends up with at least a few dozen and more often than not hundreds of CDs that need to be cellophane wrapped. We have used four companies to do this re-working for us over the years and frankly most of the time they came back looking worse than they did before - attention to detail and pride of work were sadly lacking. We decided to give Acousticart a try and are glad we did. We have now had several
hundred CDs re-wrapped by them and all have come back looking as good as new. We would certainly recommend you give them a try."
Brian Reid, Director, Strathan Music.


For a friendly and fast CD Jewel Case Overwrapping Service


1 - 100
overwrapped jewel cases 30p each
101 - 250 overwrapped jewel cases 25p each
251 - 500 overwrapped jewel cases 20p each

Postage & Packing costs to be paid by client.

Please Note : This service is only available for Standard CD Jewel Cases.

There are no VAT or other local tax charges.

This is a rare opportunity & we're here to help.